Tur Dal/ Arhar Dal – Low in GI – Certified Organic by USDA – Just Organik – 500gm


Tur or Arhar dal, also known as Pigeon Pea, is sourced from the certified Organic farms across India. The organically grown pods are de-shelled and de-husked after natural sun drying. An integral part of the Indian diet, the delicious, mouth-watering dal (with or without vegetables), is prepared for eating with chapatis, rice and bread. Easy and fast to cook, it doesn’t essentially need prior soaking Boosts metabolism: Tur dal is a good source of dietary fiber and protein which proves helpful to attain healthy weight by reducing the appetite, boosting metabolism and restricting the intake of overall calories.

The dal is considered a rich source of potassium, which acts as a vasodilator reducing the blood constriction and stabilizes the blood pressure, making it good for people suffering from heart related diseases.

Good for diabetic people : Lentils like tur dal are a must to add in a diabetic’s meal plan as these are a good source of complex carbohydrates. Low in Glycemic index (GI) and high in dietary fibers, tur dal makes an excellent addition to the daily diet.

Shelf Life: 12 months