Spirulina Powder | (Provides Quick Energy, Nourishment & Boosts, Immune System) – Organic – Vegan & GMO Free – Aurospirul – 100gm

About the Brand: Established in 1997, Aurospirul is an Eco Friendly and social enterprise situated in Auroville, an international township in South India. Aurospirul was created to cultivate and process spirulina – a tiny algae that contains extremely high levels of protein and other essential micronutrients – and to promote the use of spirulina as a powerful food supplement with many health benefits.

Spirulina is a spiral-shaped micro-algae that helps you stay focused, nourished and energized. It is rich in complete protein (60-70%) and The World Health Organization calls Spirulina the ‘best food” of the future.

Spirulina is a natural appetite suppressant, and it helps to improve the body’s digestive system. It provides a near-instantaneous boost to one’s energy while helping to improve endurance and reduce fatigue, thus becoming the best work-out partner and an everyday source of nutrients. Spirulina is also a natural detoxifier, oxygenating the blood, and helping cleanse the body of toxins and other impurities Aurospirul Spirulina is 100% vegetarian, gelatin free and sun-dried.


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3 in stock