Ginger Power | Dried – Meghalayan – Gluten Free, NO GMO & Preservatives Free – Yogik Roots – 100gm


Yogik Roots Dry ginger roots powder derived from naturally grown ginger in the traditional farms of Meghalaya and it has a pale yellow color with a strong and tangy flavor. The soil of Meghalaya and the 100% required weather produces highest quality ginger roots, grown naturally and with traditionally harvesting methods retaining the natural nutrition’s for highest health and wellbeing benefits.

Benefits and Uses: The unique fragrance and flavor of ginger (fresh or dried form) come from its natural oils ( called Gingerol. People have used ginger in cooking and medicine since ancient times. It is a popular home remedy for – Nausea, – Stomach pain – Anti-inflammatory – Improve digestion – Supporting cardiovascular health – Lowering cancer risk – Easing a cold or the flu It is an exceptional natural medicine used for treating common cold. There are several ways to add ginger in to your diet plan like cooking, stir-fry, ginger tea, soups, salads, curries and in baking. Ginger candy make excellent remedy for cold, flu and cough

Ingredients: Dry Ginger Yeast Powder

Shelf Life: 12 months


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